Beyond Marksman Lifetime Referral Commission

What is the Beyond Marksman Lifetime Referral Commission initiative?

In the past 17 months, I have found that a lot of sales through our website is through referrals from our customer base. For this I would like to FIRST extend a heartfelt “Thank You”.

Without you, we certainly would not be where we are today.

To this end, I have sat down and considered various methods to reward our customers that help build our business. Eventually I came to the conclusion that a direct reward should be introduced that rewards the person who has referred the new customer.

The Beyond Marksman Lifetime Referral Commission is a system that we have introduced, which lets the customers you bring to Beyond Marksman be linked to your account, FOR LIFE. This means that you will receive 5% of the value of their order value (excluding shipping) each and every time your friend, family member or acquaintance orders from our website.

Is the Beyond Marksman Lifetime Referral Commission initiative automatic?

Unfortunately inclusion into the referral commission initiative is not automatic. This means that you will need to actually register to be included on the program. To register for the initiative, please follow this link: 

How will the system know that I have referred someone?

The system will link your referral with your account once the person you have referred has placed an order, after clicking on the referral link that you provide them. Once a person clicks on the link (which you have provided), it will create a cookie on his browser that will stay alive for 45 days. If he places an order through the website within this 45 day window, his account will be linked to your account and everytime he orders through our website, you will receive 5% commission on his order value.


Will I receive commission on purchases I make through the website?

The short answer is YES. If you initiate your order by clicking on your own personal referral link, you will receive the commission of your purchase.


Will did I not receive commission on my own purchase using my link?

If you were referred by someone else, your purchases will linked to their account and the referral rewards will be credited to their account.


Where do I get my Referral link?

  1. After registering your account here:
  2. Log in here:
  3. From your account dashboard, you can copy it from the “Default Affiliate Link” section.
  4. Share that link with people you would like to refer.

How will the system know that I have referred someone in the past?

Unfortunately there is no way to match your account with customers you have referred in the past. But all is not lost, to have a friend, family member or acquaintance linked to your referral account, you can still send them your referral link and ask them to click the link before they place their next order. This will create the cookie on their device and when they place their next order, they will get linked to your account for all future orders.

I want my referral linked to my account immediately.

If you want someone you refer to be linked to your referral account immediately, the best way to achieve this would be:

  1. Send him/her your referral link, have him/her click on the link 
  2. Have him/her complete a minimal order, for example a R50 gift card.

What happens if he does not order within 45 days?

If your friend, family member or acquaintance does not place an order in the 45 day window, the cookie will expire. If he therefore places an order on day 48, the cookie will no longer be alive, which means that he will not be linked to your profile. Best would be ro resend him a new referral link, if he did not complete an order within the 45 day window. 

Lifetime Commission:

Lifetime Commision is set up the first time (provided it is within a 45 day cookie window) someone places an order and completes it on the website using your referral link. After this linking has occurred, you will subsequently receive commission on all subsequent orders placed by this referral.

How is commission paid?

Once your account has accumulated R100 or more in commission, you will be eligible to receive payout either through a discount voucher, which you could use towards your next purchase

OR it can be paid out via EFT to your bank account or a cash voucher can be requested.

Where do I log in to view my Referral Dashboard?

To view and/or change your settings in regards to your referrals, you can log in to your dashboard by following this link:

What happens if someone receives two referral links from two different people?

There are two things regarding cookies that need to be taken into account:

  1. Cookies are device dependent, if you send your link via WhatsApp and your acquaintance opens the link on his phone, the cookie will be alive and working. If another person sends him/her a referral link to his phone, the first cookie (yours) will take precedence over the new cookie.
  2. The second example deals with two different devices or browsers. If you send your referral link via, for example WhatsApp. The person receiving it, opens it on his phone and browses the website. Tonight he goes home and sees someone else also sent him/her a referral link on his/her mail. He opens the link from his Computer browser and completes his order on computer. The cookie on his computer would now be used as there is no way for the cookie created on his phone to be pulled through to his computer and thus the new cookie will take precedence.