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  • NEW AND IMPROVED!! With a extra double layer flap around the zip and lined with heavyduty eyelets the bakkie cooler is now easier to strap to your loading bin.
  • The Bakkie cooler is perfect for keeping your meat dust/water free and colder for longer (depending on how you close your lid)
  • PVC inserts are plastic welded together so there is no place for leakage
  • PVC insert is not attached at the bottom of the bag making cleaning easier
  • Cooler is well insulated and in 400 - 500 km it only dropped 3-4 degrees
  • The lid is lined with Alumina for extra insulation
  • The coolers are flexible so it is very easy to roll and pack away
  • Coolers are dust and water preventing
  • Carry handles are all the way around from the left to the right side of the bag making it that you can carry more weight
  • Coolers are versatile and not only for meat but can also be used for camping, groceries and clothing
  • Colours : Howard Green & Dark Grey

Bakkie Deluxe Coolers

  • Single Cab Full Cab Cooler (225 x 150 x 50)
  • Super/Club Cab Full Cab Cooler (175 x 148 x 50)
  • Double Cab Full Cab Cooler (150 x 150 x 50)
  • Standard Half Cab Cooler (150 x 70 x 50)
  • Standard Wheel Arch Cooler (110 x 70 x 50)
(Any colour can be provided on demand & additional costs)

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