Bush Supreme .375″

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The Bush Supreme range are CNC turned from solid copper bar stock, designed for rapid expansion at low speeds.

Intended for short to medium ranges, they have phenomenal stopping power on the larger antelope species and bigger game. They offer good straight line penetration, a wide wound channel and minimal meat damage making them a great general bush round.

The design incorporates multiple barrel bands for reduced barrel pressure, allowing the velocities of lead core bullet analogs to be duplicated and even exceeded. Easy to load and offering exceptional hunting accuracy with minimum load development, even in the large calibres.

  • extreme trauma causing bullet
  • Heavy weight to length ratio
  • Easy to load
  • Great general bullet

 Bullet Type:
Bush Supreme
Bullet Calibre: .375"
Bullet Weight: BW
Qty per Box: 50 pieces
G1 BC: G1
G7 BC: G7
Twist Rate (Typical): TTW
Stability Factor at sea level (20ºC): SFS
Stabilitiy Factor Highveld (1520m, 20ºC): SFH
Ogive Style: OS


250gr 0.224 0.253 14
2.79 3.16
300gr 0.268
0.305 12 3.23 3.88