Plains Supreme .243″

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Our Plains Supreme line is a T7 style single feed bullet machine from solid copper bar stock on CNC lathes. These are a high BC, expanding bullet designed for hunting at ranges out to 500m.

Created to mushroom, and when driven fast enough they shed 3-4 petals that radiate outward from the main wound channel causing massive trauma. This improves one shot kills and give excellent straight line penetration. The design allows for expansion right down to 1800fps.

This high BC range of bullets were created with ease of loading in mind and have a high stability that successfully handles the transonic zone of its flight down range.

  • high Ballistic Coefficient
  • Extreme trauma causing bullet
  • Heavy weight to length ration
  • Easy to load

 Bullet Type:
Plains Supreme
Bullet Calibre: .243"
Bullet Weight: BW
Qty per Box: 100 pieces
G1 BC: G1
G7 BC: G7
Twist Rate (Typical): TTW
Stability Factor at sea level (20ºC): SFS
Stabilitiy Factor Highveld (1520m, 20ºC): SFH
Ogive Style: OS


Tan 0.320 10 1.59 1.91
75gr Tan 0.348 10 1.39 1.69
80gr Tan 0.337 10 1.4 1.68
Tan 0.372 10 1.22 1.50
85gr T7 0.317 10 1.5 1.79
90gr FB

0.328 9 1.46 1.75
0.416 8 1.61 1.53
0.430 8 1.5 1.8