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Get your subscription payment on Balistix 120gr HunTac 0.264". Pay reduced monthly payments over a set term and once the subscription term comes to an end and final payment is processed, we ship your order within 3 days.

An Example:

I need 3 boxes of 0.308" <Named Bullet> 165gr (normal price R534/box of 50) and only require them in three months time. To order them today (e.g. 1 April 2022) will set me back R1,605 plus shipping.

However, I only need this quantity in 3 months time and therefore I initiate a subscription for 3 months on the required quantity of boxes. For this example we use a 3 month subscription for 3 boxes of bullets.

Payments works as follows:

  • 1 April 2022 (Today): R534 + R100 shipping = R634
  • 1 May 2022 (month 2): R534
    • We hold and secure your stock.
  • 1 June 2022 (Month 3): R534
    • If it is a business day, we book the courier for your order.
    • If it is on a public holiday or weekend, we book the courier the next business day
    • The subscription is closed out and should you require a new subscription, you will need to create a new subscription following the steps below.

The subscription terms are as follow:

  • 2 Months (2 equal payments - shipping added to first payment)
  • 3 Months (3 equal payments - shipping added to first payment)
  • 4 Months (4 equal payments - shipping added to first payment)
  • 6 Months (6 equal payments - shipping added to first payment)



To use this feature, you MUST:

  • Select only 1 (one) item per checkout.
  • PayFast MUST be used to complete the transaction.

How subscription payments work:

  1. Select you subscription term (2, 3, 4 or 6 months) and quantity (amount of this item you would like to receive once all subscription payments completed) and "Add to Cart".
  2. Click "View Cart to Checkout". DO NOT ADD ADDITIONAL ITEMS TO THE CART.
  3. Your basket will show one item and the first amount to be credit (excluding shipping).
  4. Click "Check Out".
  5. Complete your contact information, shipping options and shipping address.
  6. Click "Continue to Shipping" or "Continue to Payment", depending if you are collecting or shipping the items(s).
    1. If you are shipping, you can select your shipping options on the next page.
    2. Your shipping will now be added to your first payment amount. Shipping only gets charged on the initial payment. 
    3. Click "Continue to Payment".
  7. You must select PayFast for processing this transaction and click "Complete Order".
  8. You will be directed to PayFast to process and complete the transaction.
  9. PayFast will show you a summary of your first payment as well as subsequent payments.
    1. Hover over the (?) on "Future recurring amount", to show future payments and dates.
  10. Once satisfied with the initial amount and subsequent payments and date, complete the normal PayFast process.

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