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This Selection of Cleaning Solutions can be ordered with or without the Arctic Country Range Case.

Marksman Ultimate Copper (Cu) Solvent

  • Made for the dedicated hunter and competition shooter
  • The ultimate copper solvent!

Lock and Barrel Oil

  • Modern formulated protection and maintenance oil for all metal parts on firearms.
  • Excellent corrosion protection and cleaning properties.
  • Excellent lubricity on moving and sliding parts.

Stock Protection Oil

  • Protection and maintenance oil for all wooden parts of firearms.
  • Excellent moisturizing effect and water repellent properties.

Barrel Solvent

  • Solvent mix for barrel cleaning to remove burned residues of carbon and explosive residues,
  • As well as copper fouling removal.

Cleaning Patches (100 patches per packet)

  • Small 25mm
  • Medium 45mm
  • Large 56mm