Peterson Match Casings: .375 EnABELR

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Match-Grade Brass rifle casings are manufactured on a new, state-of-the-art case line which uses cutting-edge technology to produce some of the most precise and consistent casings on the market. We are committed to producing Match-Grade Brass that enables our customers to get more reloads per casing than industry average.

Annealing the mouth and neck of each casing is important to ensure the casing “grabs” the projectile correctly and releases the projectile uniformly when the casing is fired. Peterson machinery utilizes induction annealing rather than flame annealing. Unlike flame annealing, while using induction annealing, we are able to control the temperature, applied to each casing, to the degree.

 Calibre: 375 EnABELR
Primer Pocket: Large rifle primer
Box of: 50