Plains Gold .264″ (6.5mm)

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Designed to improve one shot kills even when the shot is not perfectly placed, the Viper Gold range are frangible bullets machine from solid Brass on CNC lathes.

These bullets have a shank that allows for deep straight line penetration, while the ogive (frangible) section breaks up in to large pieces that become secondary projectiles – each penetrating to increase trauma and increase the chance of a effective and humane shot. These bullets retain more than 70% of their original weight even after fragmentation, the combination resulting in an accurate bullet with reduced friction in the barrel.

While slightly lighter (roughly 6%) than a copper monolithic bullet of the same length, the reduced material cost and ease of machining allow for this truly deadly product to come in at a great price.

 Bullet Type:
Plains Gold
Bullet Calibre: .264" (6.5mm)
Bullet Weight: 112gr/121gr
Qty per Box: 100 pieces
G1 BC:
G7 BC:
Twist Rate (Typical):
Stability Factor at sea level (20ºC):
Stabilitiy Factor Highveld (1400m, 20ºC):