Solid Shank .375"

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A “no-nonsense bullet” which would be suited to the harsh African conditions.
  • Specifically designed for hunting.

  • Made up of a copper jacket with lead core. The lead is bonded to the copper jacket and the bottom half of the bullet is solid copper.
  • Strategically designed to form four mushroom petals that produce a large but controlled wound channel.
  • This bullet deeply penetrations game whilst leaving a good wound channel behind therefore maximizing kill efficiency.

 Bullet Type:
Solid Shank
Bullet Calibre: .375"
Bullet Weight: BW
Qty per Box: 25 pieces
G1 BC: G1
G7 BC: G7
Twist Rate (Typical): TTW
Stability Factor at sea level (20ºC): SFS
Stabilitiy Factor Highveld (1520m, 20ºC): SFH
Ogive Style: OS


235gr 0.392
250gr 0.417
270gr 0.450
300gr 0.501
340gr 0.583
350gr 0.589
380gr 0.594