Sytong HT-60 LRF

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This Digital Night Vision Rifle Scope comes with an integral Laser Rangefinder; ensuring you can make the most accurate decision before taking on targets.

This small, compact and versatile Digital Night Vision Scope has the ability to be used as a handheld Night Vision LRF Monocular as well as one of the most affordable Laser Rangefinding Rifle Scopes on the market.

The Sytong HT60 LRF offers full colour for daytime shooting and switches seamlessly into a powerful Night Vision Scope at the press of a button.

The large internal screen produces a high resolution and clear image of your surroundings, whilst the 6.5x base magnification, which can be boosted up to 13x with digital magnification, allows you to identify and engage with targets at longer distances.

The onboard 850nm IR illuminator offers three intensity settings and can be focused to optimise the performance at close range or over long distances.

The supplied Picatinny rail easily attaches the HT-60 to your Gun and the zero menu is quick and easy to use.


Model: HT-60 LRF
Magnification: 6.5x-13x
Focusing: 2.m - ∞
Laser Rangefinder: 5-1000m
Rangefinder accuracy: ~1m
IR Illuminate Distance: 200m
Eyepiece resolution: 1024x768
Video Resolution: 1440x1080
Frame Rate:
Video Output:
Data transmission:
Storage: TF Card (not included)
Battery: 1 x 18650
Voltage: 3.7V
Battery Life: >8h
Dimensions: 184mmx98mmx50mm
Weight: 490g

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