Ultra Hunt .338″ - 250gr

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The Ultra Hunt bullet design is derived from the HunTac bullet and provides an extra feature on the bullet tip that allows for rapid expansion. This rapid expansion will result in deadly terminal efficiency. Ultra Hunt bullets share the same ogive design for supreme accuracy but will have a reduced BC and therefore are not ideal for long range hunting. Typical application of these bullets are bush hunting.

 Bullet Type:
Ultra Hunt
Bullet Calibre: .338"
Bullet Weight: 250gr
Qty per Box: 25 pieces
G1 BC: 0.42
G7 BC: 0.21
Twist Rate (Typical): 10
Stability Factor at sea level (20ºC): 1.91
Stabilitiy Factor Highveld (1400m, 20ºC): 2.26


Balistix Bullets is the first and only South African manufacturer to produce a bullet that…

  • Has a rebated boat tail design.
  • Is treated with Hexagonal Boron Nitrate.
  • Supports the worldwide shift towards monolithic copper production, which is more environmentally friendly.